Singing in the Smokies

The Old Days Great Smoky Mountains National Park by Geoff Livingston. Via Flickr.

“Singing in the Smokies” is the 11th Annual Gathering’s Pre-conference event to set the stage for the Gathering. Participants will travel to Greenbrier park in the Smoky Mountains National Park to learn about local history and traditions. Participants will picnic in the park and enjoy traditional music and storytelling. Participants will do a short walk to see the blooming wildflowers on the Porters Flat Trail. The Registration fee is $50 and the event is limited.


Learn Local History of the Smoky Mountains

Participants will listen to stories and history from locals. The local presentation will discuss the formation of the park, traditions, and folktales.


Walk Among the Wildflowers

After the introduction, participants will walk along the Porters Flat Trail. Participants can also choose to stay at the pavilion area and relax. 

Stump-top Wildflower Garden by Jim Sorbie. Via Flickr.

Wildflowers in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are renowned for their beauty in April. During our walk on Porters Flat Trail, we will see various kinds of wildflowers. The trail is easy and non-technical. The walk will be around 2 miles. Locals will lead the walk.


Picnic in the Park with Local Foods

After the short hike, participants will enjoy a picnic at the Greenbrier pavilion catered by a local restaurant.


Experience a Singing

After lunch, participants will experience a “singing” from locals. The Appalachian mountains are home to a rich tradition of ballads and folk songs. Some locals will introduce participants to the tradition and perform a song.  


Greenbrier Pavilion Area

The event will take place in the Greenbrier Pavilion Area. To learn more, read about the Greenbrier area in this “Off the Beaten Path” National Park guide to the Great Smoky Mountains.



The Registration fee is $50 and the event is limited to 50 participants. The event is first come first serve. Register early to reserve your spot!


Contact Us

If you have any questions about the event or need to be added to a waitlist once the event is filled, please email [email protected].

***If weather is an issue, we may change the logistics on this pre-conference event.***